The Group

St. Julian's Scout Group was founded in 1932 and is one of the oldest scout groups in Malta. Over the years the group's size has grown to include Girl Scouts and most recently, Rovers. St. Julian' s Scout Group is most famous for it's 'unique' campfires held annually as well as the original "Camp-Afloat" activity it holds every Summer.

Our headquarters is below the parish church and the Group Scout Leader runs the group. We currently have 4 sections:
  • Beavers (aged 5-7)
  • Pack (aged 7-10)
  • Troop (aged 10-15)
  • Ventures (aged 15-18)
  • Rovers (aged 18 and over)
To advance from one section to another the members undergo the Link badge, which is a preparation for the older section and takes 6 months. Here they alternatively attend their new section and their previous section, to get used to the other members gradually. The scout programme takes great care to help its members especially in the transitory period.

For more information regarding our sections, click here.

Our Mission

  • To create an interesting programme for today‚Äôs youth.
  • To have trained and committed leaders
  • To work as a team
  • Treat all members as Individuals by working in small groups
  • To promote a fun and educational programme
  • Use of Outdoors as much as possible.
  • Learn through Play and by doing.

Our Aims

Through a specified programme planned by a team of members, leaders and sectional commissioners from our Association we aim to:
  • Encourage members in their physical, Intellectual, Social and Spiritual development.
  • Physical achievements through Camps, hikes, games
  • Intellectual stimulation through Badge work
  • Social & Spiritual activities through Camps, hikes and meetings and Community Work.
  • Learning the importance of toleration, sharing and team work.
  • Decision Making: Programme planning for the Badge work and activities (in younger cases together with the leaders).
  • Discipline & Self Control: at camps mostly by building up a personality to achieve a place in Society; To be responsible for the environment and learn to recognize mistakes and accept responsibility as well as respect others.

Our Values

Think of others, Do their Best, keep their word, be sincere. All these are also found in our Law and Promise.